CML - the Cinematography Mailing List, is a place Professional Cinematographers talk & exchange ideas about Cinematography.

The key word here is professional, originally started by Geoff Boyle in 1996 so 60 cinematographers working in high end commercials, TV series and movies could talk about issues that concerned them we have grown to a total membership of around 17,000. 45% of whom come from the US, 14% from the UK - Canada, India, Australia, Germany, France, China, Spain and The Netherlands makes up another 24%, the balance is from 188 countries worldwide. We work extremely hard to make this list an international one and not one that focuses on local issues.
Of necessity our discussions are often of a technical nature but we never lose site of the fact that we are "Guardians of the Image" and as standards are compromised with the introduction of equipment that makes it easy to get "average" results we try to hold on to a sense of discipline and quality. "Average" is not something we aspire to.
Participants in these discussions are Cinematographers and their crew as well as representatives of all the main manufacturing and rental companies.

"There's something about Cinematographers, and the passion we bring to our work, that gives us a sense of being blood brothers. We have a love and admiration for each other, and a desire to help each other out"
Conrad Hall ASC

We test all the new cameras and the results are published regularly along with original RAW files available for download.

Beginners and non-cinematographers are welcome to read any list but we'd be grateful if they kept their questions to the mentor discussion list where cinematographers will answer questions as their schedule allows..

To join the cinematography discussion list please click on the Join CML link below. Please note, discussions are primarily email based for the convenience of working professionals, if you want a forim type web chat then this is probably not the place for you.

CML depends on Sponsorship - Subscriptions and Donations to survive and we have regular face to face meetings/parties at NAB, CineGear & IBC.

Whilst non-cinematography visitors are welcome please note that this site is primarily for working professional cinematographers and focus's on their needs.

This web site of edited pages, which are all available to non-members, was added in 1997, we now have over 3,000 pages of edited discussions between cinematographers, their crews and equipment and facility suppliers.

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CML has won awards from SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) BKSTS (British Cinematography, Sound & Television Society) BSC (British Society of Cinematographers) for outstanding contribution to education in Cinematography.

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This site and the associated cinematography discussion lists are run and maintained by professional Cinematographers in their spare time.

Jessica Gallant is our long serving West Coast US admin

David Walpole covers Australia has edited a large percentage of these pages and has full sysadmin status

George Hupka is based in Canada, Mark Weingartner is LA based and Emmanuelle Suys is German based.

Without their help CML could not survive as it is.

In the past Shangara Singh, Martin Weiss, Steven Gladstone & Phillip Savoie have helped run the lists.

We also have a "Grand Jury" of well known and respected DP's who are our independent adjudication and direction panel :-)



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