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1920's 'Look'
3D Moving Stills

3M's Scotchlite vs Reflecmedia's Chromatte

3D LUT Standardisation

3D Projects New Vision For The Movie Industry


African Actors Dark Skin Colour

Achieving High Contrast Look

Action at Night

Aerials - Solution For Bugs On Port

Auto Interiors on a stage


Back Projection/Process Shots & High Definition

Bee Smoker
Bleach Bypass/ENR
Blue/Green Screen
Blue/Green Test Shots
Blue/Green Screen Lighting

Building Implosion

Building Miniature

Bullet Holes In A Brick Wall


C4 Explosions Captured On HD & Film

Camera Mounting In A Bus

Camera Shake/Earthquake Effect

Camera Rig For The Side Of A Canoe

Camera Vehicle Mounting Rig

Car Headlights - Lighting Gag

Car Mount Vibration Issues

Car Crash

Car Rear Projection

Car Shots Thru Front Windscreen

Chapman Vibration Isolator

Cinematography For Miniatures

Color Grading On 3D

Compositing 101

Creating A Camp Fire Effect

Creating The Effect Of An Explosions
Cross processing
Cross Processing Neg


Digital Effect Combining Camera Tilt Up
Digital post V Cine Art/Craft
Digital Film Grade
Drunk POV

Dust Particles Glitter

Earth Explosion - fps

Electric Arc Lighting Effect

Elevator Flicker Effect

Enhancing Filters
Exposing Fire Properly
Explosion Proof Filming
Exterior Greenscreen
Ext Greenscreen 2

Exterior Lighting / Actors Eyes


Fake Snow

Faking Flight Shots

Filming Flash Photography    (Multiple Threads On This Topic)

Filming A Zoetrope

Fire FX's
Fire Effects


Flying POV Of Birds In Flight

Flying Wire Rigs For 35mm

Frazier Lens

FX Filter - Centre Spot Distortion

Glass exploding
Glowing Pills

Green/Blue Screen (more)

Green/Cyan Pastel Look

Green Screen On Ice
Gun Flashes

Handheld 35mm On A Boat

Haze In Spray Can

HDCam V D6 Voodoo

Headlight Dimming

Heavy Duty Remote Head For Jimmy Jib

Heat Shimmer Effect In Studio

Hi Speed Explosion

High Speed Underwater Blue/Greenscreen

Horse Running Down A Beach

Hostess Tray Flexibility


Ilford SFX200
Infra Red

Lighting Blue/Green Screen

Lighting Bubbles

Lighting Cars On A White Cyc - Additional Info

Lighting Cinematically For Stage Performances

Lighting Effect - Time Lapse Clouds

Lighting For 3D

Lighting For Forklift Car and Green Screen

Lighting Interior Moving Bus

Lighting Night Time Rain Shot On Low Budget

Lighting Scene With Car Headlights
Lightning Strikes
Liquid Gold Effect

Macro of Ice Crystals

Magic Lighting Effect

Maintaining Sharpness At Highway Speeds

Making A Books Page Turn
Making a Rainbow

Martial Art Film Effects
Mattes in Matte Boxes

Miniature Formula

Miniatures fps
Miniature Plates

Miniatures & water
Molten Metal Effect

Mounting Camera On Hood Of Car

Mounting Lipstick Cameras On Automobiles


Night & Day-For-Night On The Same Scene

Nightime Exterior Moving Shots

Night Shooting Cars and Flares

Optical Distortion Effects


Photo Booth Effect

Pool Table Low Angle

POV Of Photographer
Process Shots


Rain Effect

Rain Element Plates

Rain More Rain

Recreating A Plane Interior
Recreating WWII In Colour Look

Red Eye Effect
Replacing TV Screens

Replicating Police Lights

Rolling Shutter & Mirror Rigs
S-16mm Inside Of A Cessna Awaiting 4-5G

Security Laser Effect

Security Laser Effect - Follow Up

Shift and Tilt and Track

Shooting 48fps For Sync Sound

Shooting A Partial Solar Eclipse

Shooting S16mm In Low Light Situations

Shooting 3D Miniatures and Miniaturization

Shooting 3D In SD and HD - NOT IMAX

Shooting Bubbles

Shooting Cinemascope On 16mm

Shooting CRT Computer Monitor (circa 1995 PC) at 23.98

Shooting From Helicopters

Shooting Goldfish In A Tank

Shooting High Speed Further Information

Shooting In A Sandstorm

Shooting Inside A Car
Shooting On Ice Skating Rink

Shooting On A Train

Shooting Reflection From 3 Mirrors

Shooting Smoke

Shooting Snow

Shooting Through A Microscope

Shooting Twins

Shooting VFX Twins With Moco & Alexa

Shooting Visible Breath

Shooting Watches

Shooting Water Reflections & Shadows

Silent Films Tricks

Simulated Collision

Simulating Gun Muzzle Flashes On A Budget

Simulate Time Lapse Cloud

Smoke/Hazer Effect

Smoke/Hazers & Film Speed
Smoke Machine For Outdoor Use

Smoke-Measuring & Using

So How Does One Learn 3D Cinematography

Speed Ramps & HMI's

Spyhole Fisheye Effect

Stabilization On The Water

Stop Frame Animation On HD

Street Lighting

Sugar Glass Reflections

Sun Filter

Taxi Window

That Seventies Look

Tilt & Shift
Time Lapse At Night

Time-lapse Cityscapes

Time Lapse Exposure Compensations

Time Lapse Filming

Timelapse Sunrise Simulation


Tow Rig For Motorbike

Two Way Mirrors

Tyler Middle Mount Operating Advice

Ultra High Framerates

Underwater Motion Control

Up In 3D


Vaseline Effect
Why 3D Is Making A Comeback

Window Light


X-Flies Type Flashlight Effect