F65 exposure & latitude tests Korea May 2012

The tests below were shot by students in the Santa Fe Workshops class in Seoul Korea

The lead instructors in this class were Mike Spodnik and Frank Van Vught, Frank supervised these tests.

Exposures were as indicated in the chart below.

I used the Sony F65 software to render files in S-Gamut and S-Log2 in 16 bit DPX files, a bit depth that a lot of software has problems with!

No alterations were made to any settings in the first set of transfers which were made at the set EI and exposure of 800.

As usual click on any of the images below to download the DPX file, be aware that they are 16 bit this time and considerably bigger that usual approximately 12.5Mb per image---

f65 chart

I then tried correcting them back to normal withing the F65 software so where we had exposed at EI 400 to overexpose I would set the exposure setting in the software to 400 to compensate...



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