This chart was generated by using the various latitude tests already available on this site.

The Red camera results were shifted from 200 ISO to 320 ISO to match the others as they were all exposed at ISO 320 this makes no difference to the actual results, it just makes them easier to compare.

Both the Red and the SI were pre-production prototypes and will be updated as new versions are available.

The lower areas of the curves are effected to a greater or lesser degree by noise, this varied considerably from camera to camera.

As expected the Viper clipped at different levels in different colours, all results here are from the green channel, the viper clipped a stop higher in Red and 2 stops higher in Blue. So now you have proof that if you're pushing the top end with a Viper you need a Magenta filter to get the best dynamic range.

As usual, click on the image to get a larger version.

It has been suggested to me that people will use this chart to make a buying decision. If you do you're a 'king idiot.

HD camera latitude

11th December 2006


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