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ACES in camera LUTs

I’m experimenting with using Resolve to generate onset LUTs that include the ACES process, they’re like the ones I did last year with Nick Shaw but in Resolve in Windows as the generator instead of Prelight on a Mac.

The first 3 reproduce 3 different looks. All reproduce the look of going through ACES IDT & ODT but they’re different contrasts.

There’s a normal one:-

Alexa_ACES_Basic BMD_ACES_Basic Canon_Clog2_ACES_Basic

Varicam_ACES_Basic Venice_ACES_Basic

Then a Low contrast one:-

Alexa_ACES_LowCon BMD_ACES_LowCon Canon_Clog2_ACES_LowCon

Varicam_ACES_LowCon. Venice_ACES_LowCon

Finally one with the contrast increased so that the values of the Kodak Grey scale match the levels listed on the back of the chart it’s a pretty punchy look.

Alexa_ACES_Kodak BMD_ACES_Kodak Canon_Clog2_ACES_Kodak

Varicam_ACES_Kodak Venice_ACES_Kodak

And a variation on the Kodak one, these are to enable you to overexpose by a stop but see a "normal" image. Set you camera to 800 or 500 as appropriate for the camera and your meter to 400 or 250. This gives you a much cleaner more noise free image.

Alexa_ACES_PlusOne BMD_ACES_PlusOne Canon_Clog2_ACES_PlusOne

Varicam_ACES_PlusOne Venice_ACES_PlusOne

They all take the relevant log signal in and give you 709 out.

Right clicking on any of the links will download it for you.

Let me know if they work and I’ll make them for all cameras. I can't make them for RED yet as there are discrepancies that RED & BMD are trying to fix.

I'm adding some ARRI looks that will load directly into the camera, once again Nick Shaw helped...

Alexa_ACES_Basic Alexa_ACES_Kodak Alexa_ACES_LowCon Alexa_ACES_PlusOne

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