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Illumina Uncoated test results January 2016

The object was to show the issues caused by lens flare and veiling glare, both issues that have had a serious effect on recent images that Geoff Boyle has shot!

Shot with C500's in 2K 12 bit 444 recorded on Odyssey 7's in ProRes 444XQ

Assembled using Resolve in ACES with a standard Canon IDT. With the anamorphic we chopped off the sides of frame to give us a 1920 * 1080 image.

Exposure set and matched with exposure meter in incident mode.

All Lenses set to T2.8 unless they were slower in which case gain was used in camera. Focal lengths were 18mm, 32mm or 35mm & 75mm or 85mm according to availability from the manufacturer.

No other adjustments were made. Any colour or exposure varaitions are due to the lenses.

Lit with KinoFlo LED softlights set to 5600K.

No matte boxes or lens hoods of any kind, moves matched with RevolveR MOCo head.




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