CML - Cinematography Mailing List

CML - Cinematography Mailing List

These cinematography discussions started in 1996 and the participants are cinematographers and their crew as well as representatives of all the main manufacturing and rental companies involved in cinematography

As cinematography standards are compromised with the introduction of equipment that makes it easy to get "acceptable" results we help professional cinematographers hold on to a sense of discipline and quality. "Good enough" is not good enough and "close enough" is miles away from good.
Of necessity our discussions are often of a technical nature but we never lose sight of the fact that we are "Guardians of the Image"

New lens comparison page, Anamorphic, Spherical, S35 & FF this will be extended in January

The best basic cinematography advice from the last 20 years

As an experiment these pages are also available as an ebook

Timeless Cinematography Basics

We regularly evaluate digital cinematography cameras and lenses as well as trying to develop tools for cinematography..

Beginners and non-cinematographers are welcome to read any list but we'd be grateful if they kept their questions to the mentor discussion list where cinematographers will answer questions as their schedule allows.. 

Please read the guidance on posting before you post anything


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