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Digital Cinematography Camera Evaluations 2018

Details of how these evaluations were carried out are here

Alexa MiniAlexa SXT

BMD Ursa Mini-pro

Ursa Mini_pro

Canon C200

Canon C200

Canon C700FF

Panasonic EVA

Canon C700

Panasonic Varicam Pure

Varicam Pure

Red Gemini

RED Helium

Red Monstro

Sony Venice 4K

Sony Venice

Sony FS5-2

Sony F55


ARRI Alexa

BMD Ursa Mini-Pro

Canon C200

Canon C700 raw 6K

Canon C700 raw 4K

Canon C700 AVC 6K to 4K

Panasonic Varicam Pure

Panasonic EVA ProRes raw

RED Monstro

RED Gemini

Sony FS5-2

Sony Venice


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