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CML is expensive to maintain.

This is because we are the only system that is primarily email based and not just web based and that doesn't sell subscriber lists or embed hidden ads or share any data.

Any data that we store is anonymised and only for operational improvements. We have no idea who looks at what, we merely know how many people look at a particular page with what OS, browser, size and country.

We have 24/7/365 backup with multiple servers and network connections.

44.5 million emails a year use a lot of bandwidth! :-) 10TB of cloud storage with no download cap for raw files from tests is not cheap.

It's in no way compulsory to subscribe, it's just a way of you helping to keep us going!

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If you find CML useful then please help with our running costs either via a one off donation or a monthly subscription:-

We are grateful for any support, no matter how small!

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