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Blackmagicdesign Ursa 12K


This test was shot at the Netherlands Film Academy with the help of Mick van Rossum NSC

I was assisted by final year student Yavuz Selim Isler who has been a great help in previous test as well.

The irregular arrangement of the charts is totally my fault, not very sticky gaffer tape on a cloth covered board wasn't a good idea. Interestingly the material that looked a neutral dark grey to the eye has responded very differently on camera. The black either side of the board is true black ie unlit studio drapes well out of the light!

The scene was exposed from T2 to T22 on filter setting one and then again on filter setting 4.

Post was with Resolve in ACEScct with highlight recovery enabled "Correct" exposure with each filter was then made neutral on the Kodak Grey using CT and hue controls only and these grades stored. The appropriate grade was then applied to every shot followed by me setting the Kodak Grey to 488 on every shot using luminance offset only.

The BRAW files are all available here.

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