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Test files from C200, EVA & Ursa MP December 2017


The following links are to original files from the cameras, they are roughly 10 seconds in duration and are VERY LARGE files. The C200 files are Canon RAW, The EVA are H264, the Ursa are both CDNG and QT422HQ.

C200 Main Colour Chart

C200 Skin Chart

C200 Resolution

C200 CML Stress test

EVA Main Colour Chart

EVA Skin Chart

EVA Resolution

EVA CML Stress test

Ursa MP Main Colour Chart CDNG

Ursa MP Main Colour Chart QT

Ursa MP Skin Chart CDNG

Ursa MP Skin Chart QT

Ursa MP Resolution CDNG

Ursa MP Resolution QT

Ursa MP CML Stress test CDNG

Ursa MP CML Stress test QT

The link below is to a compressed mp4 version of the tests...



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