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Shot at the Gothenburg Workshops at Camera Centre during the Film Festival in February 2011

The tests were done in the same way that I have done tests in the past so as to facilitate comparisons.

The G&D charts, used this time instead od DSC as they're smaller and easier to travel with!

The charts are exposed for T2 at an EI of 400 and then the lens is stiopped down in half stop increments to T22

The chart is then exposed for T22 and the lens opened up at half stop increments to T2

The lens was an Ultra Prime 50mm and all lighting was daylight balance, a pair of 1.2Kw Arri Fresnel and a pair of 200W PAR's

The Alexa material was loaded into Iridas Framecycler and rendered out a single DPX frames and also to Rec709 using an Arri de-log file.

The RED material was loaded into Redcine-Xe and rendered out to REDFilmLog and REDGamma2 in each case using RedColor2.

The SI-2K material was rendered out in Iridas Framecycler using a standard SI 5600 look

The Canon 7D material was loaded as Quicktimes in to Iridas Framecycler and rendered as 10 bit DPX

The Panasonic material was converted using Panasonic P2 software by Camera Centre in Gothenburg, the software refused to run on either of my machines!

These were the settings reccomended by RED and ARRI.

I stopped rendering material from any camera when I couldn't see where the exposure indicator at the bottom was.

I don't doubt that better results can be had from these cameras with individual tweaking but I wanted totake a baseline approach.

The original R3D files can be got by right clicking on the links at the bottom of the page.

I'll also add Epic frames as well as Alexa RAW soon as I can.

As usual click on the thumbnail for a full res DPX file.

Alexa Log

RED MX REDFilmLog Alexa 709 RED MX REDGamma2 S!-2K Panasonic HPX3000 Canon 7D

A001_C001_01266S.0000000F A001_C001_0126Q3.0000000F A001_C002_01262T.0000000F A001_C002_01267J.0000000F

A001_C003_0126HK.0000000F A001_C003_0126LE.0000000F A001_C004_0126DH.0000000F A001_C004_0126MD.0000000F

A001_C005_0126L3.0000000F A001_C005_0126SK.0000000F A001_C006_0126KJ.0000000F A001_C006_0126KM.0000000F

A001_C007_01262Q.0000000F A001_C007_012647.0000000F A001_C008_012644.0000000F A001_C008_0126B7.0000000F

A001_C009_01261A.0000000F A001_C009_012656.0000000F A001_C010_0126B6.0000000F A001_C010_0126M5.0000000F

A001_C011_01266N.0000000F A001_C011_0126BU.0000000F A001_C012_0126AU.0000000F A001_C012_0126JM.0000000F

A001_C013_01260K.0000000F A001_C013_0126R6.0000000F A001_C014_01265L.0000000F A001_C014_0126AT.0000000F

A001_C015_01269C.0000000F A001_C015_0126F3.0000000F

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