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Hands on HD Workshops in Hannover October 2009

These pages are based upon tests done by the X-Over group at the Hands on HD workshops in Hannover in October 2009

We were lucky enough to be the one group that wasn't tied to a single camera or format so we decided to test the cameras that we thought that we would most likely come across in drama production, the ARRI D-21, the Sony F35, the RED One and the SI-2K.

We used the sets that had been prepared for the entire workshop groups and after we altered the low light set were informed that we shouldn't alter the sets so that everyone got the same sets to work with. Whilst this made sense for most of the groups it wasn't right for our group as we didn't want to learn to use the cameras, we all already knew that, we wanted to take them way past their limits to find out where each camera failed and how they failed.

Luckily by the time we were told not to alter the lighting of the sets we had already decreased the fill level of the low light set by a considerable amount and we were able to add some extra lights to increase the intensity of the hotspots in the highlight tests in a way that made them easy to remove for the other groups.

The Contrast tests were made more extreme by just killing all fill light :-)

We also shot some makeup tests and a couple of them are here just to compare the Arri D-21 and the SI-2K which were both shot in RAW mode and these images are from basic LUT's that come with SpeedGrade being used.

The large files are all log DPX and will need converting to linear or grading to make sense of, however it seems the best way to get the most data out.

Lenses were all Arri Master Primes.

ARRI D-21 was recorded log C on an S.two DFR

Sony F35 was recoreded S log and S Gamut on an S.Two DFR

RED One was recoreded to 8Gb CF cards all camera setting "normalised" 5000K/320 ISO


Makeup Tests

Contrast Tests

Highlight Latitude Tests

Low light Latitude Tests

Low Level High Contrast Night with Flames Tests


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