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How we test at


Our intent is to provide independent reproducible tests that conform to accepted standards making it easy for people to reproduce and verify the results.

We are not trying to prove anything nor are we trying to promote any approach or equipment, we just look for the truth!

We work within ACES which is an independent and neutral system.

Only standard Image transforms are used, whatever is the appropriate one for the camera and a Rec 2020, ST2084, 1000 nits, P3D65 output transform.

We measure and publish light levels in footcandles so that users can easily determining the real EI of the camera.

In any test only one lens is used across all the cameras, this eliminates one of the variables.

When we are testing cameras we use tungsten light sources as these are a known and repeatable source.

A variety of charts are used with the DSC charts in center place and both Kodak and Macbeth charts as well. We also use a custom DSC chart which is not designed for anything other than finding where the cameras reach their limits. This is the CML Stress Test chart :-

The CML Stress Test Chart is available from DSCLabs

CML Stress test Chart


Data Sheet for CML Stress Test Chart


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