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Camera Responses at Tungsten


These waveforms are grabbed from Resolve in ACEScct with the appropriate camera IDT and a Rec 709 ODT applied.

They are graded using offset only to match the Kodak 18% grey at 122 in an 8 bit scale as per Kodak reccomendations.

The cameras cost from $ 6,000 to $77,000

  • Alexa.JPG
    Alexa Studio shot at 2880 recorded raw externally and uprezzed to UHD
  • C500-2.JPG
    C500-2 shot at UHD recorder raw internally
  • FX9.JPG
    FX9 shot at 6k downrezzed to UHD internally and recorded to AVC
  • Monstro.JPG
    Monstro shot at 5760 raw and downrezzed to UHD
  • UrsaMP-G2.JPG
    UrsaMP-G2 shot at 4.6K BRAW and downrezzed to UHD
  • Varicam.JPG
    Varicam shot at UHD and recorded raw externally
  • Kodak-5219.JPG
    Kodak 5219 scanned at 3K and uprezzed
  • Kodak-5207.JPG
    Kodak 5207 scanned at 3K and uprezzed


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