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Comprehensive Camera Tests

These tests were done at the University of the West of England (UWE) on the 6th & 7th of February 2014

The objective was very simple, a totally neutral and unbiased evaluation of currently available cameras.

Follow the links below to the results, there are JPG guides, right click for UHD 16 bit TIFF files, and there is a link to a zip file with RAW frames of all shown.

This was not a "shoot out" it is not meant as a competition purely as a means of seeing what the response of the various cameras actually is so that we can make the appropriate choices.

This is why I have posted the results in this way, it's easy to follow a link and see the response of a camera but at no point are they side by side. Of course if you want to view them SbS then you can always download the files and do your own comparisons in whatever way you wish.

There are 2 passes of each one exposed at T22 and then opened up in half stop increments to T2 and a following pass exposed to T2 and closed down in half stop increments to T22

Light level was checked with a Minolta VI and a Pentax Digital Spot meter, all lenses were 85mm Ultra Ptimes with the exception of the SinaCAM which was a 35mm UP.

All files are rendered out at UHD 16bit TIFF files in Resolve 10.1.1 just right click on any jpg to get the full 46MB TIFF file.

The RAW files are 1 frame long and are in zip files. The manufacturers own software has been used anywhere that clips have needed to be trimmed.

A 12 minute HD video of the results is available here

Arri Alexa

Canon C500

KineRAW S35

RED Dragon


Sony FS700

Sony F5

Sony F55

Vision Research Flex4K


I told you not to do it again!


I'd like to thank   at UWE for their help in organising this,  for help obtaining the equipment we needed,  for being great AC's and camera crew.


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