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The pictures below lead to bigger versions, 1Mb each, they're still not the raw images which are 8+Mb each. These files are uncorrected in any way, they are all exactly as shot. There are inevitably some losses in the conversion from 10bit log dpx to 8 bit jpg but I hope it gives you an idea of what you can get.

This link will take you to the original DPX files ready for download

Studio skintone test, keyed with Rifa light over camera and bounce backlight Zeiss 40mm T2.3 camera rated at 320 ISO

Kate 2AC at lunch in The Dove Zeiss 7mm, this was to test interior/exterior handling

Same set up but with 40mm Zeiss, stop read off 7mm and applied to 40mm Kate was turning her head on this shot as one of our motion blur tests.

Angeniuex HR zoom at 60mm, dawn

Chinatown London Zeiss 40mm T2.3

As above with Zeiss 7mm T2.3

Canon 300mm T2.8 one of our tests of backlight and motion

Tower Bridge pre-dawn Zeiss 7mm 85 & NBRA 3 stop this was part of out filter tests

Semi-transparent toys and Kino blue lit backing shot with Zeiss 40mm the backing was lit t the same level as the key my usual .6 under didn't look right

In this case we didn't have green tubes and the backing is lit with leaf green filtered light

The thing in the right is the matte box, 5.1mm on Angeniuex HR zoom


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