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4th Aprirl 2010

Here it is, the official ProVideo Coalition IR Cheat Sheet:




In which I test my theory that RED is mixing color channels to clean up blue noise--and find some surprising results

I tested the new Schneider CTB color correction filters recently.

The results are here:


For those of you looking for a solution to IR contamination on the Sony F35 (technically far red contamination) when it pops up and you aren't using any ND, this filter will be something to take a look at:



This thread inspired me to crank out an article on PVC that some of you might find interesting:


Tiffen is launching the T1 far red filter for the F35/Genesis:



Although the demonstration images are from a lesser camera, I've used Tiffen's DFX 2 filter suite on a fair amount of RED footage with great success:


I shot some tests on the new DSC Labs Fiddlehead and CineZone charts on a RED ONE. Results are here:


...this time on some low-budget anti-rape PSA's I shot for the Sacramento market:


Behind-the-scenes article about a corporate video I shot on RED for a large Silicon Valley company.

My newest article on PVC, for your perusal and enjoyment:



Art, this is a really wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing your expert knowledge, doing it consistently, and in such great detail. I've been operating professionally for about a year now, and these insights are incredibly helpful.

David Cavallo
Camera Operator/Cinematographer
Brooklyn, NY

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