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Aaton Switch Repair

2nd June 2004

Would anybody know how to get to the on/off switch in the wooden hand grip of a LTR? Mine went out yesterday. I can still start/stop from the body but what an aggravation. Anybody know what type of switch can replace the original?

Tom McDonnell
New Orleans, La

There are some very small holes on the flat side of the handgrip. I forget if it's a Allan-key or a flathead screw, but by loosening through this passage you can remove the switch. I'd say to simply call Abel Cine Tech and they'll send you the replacement switch. Better yet, I'd just send them the handgrip and let them do it.

By the way, are you sure it's the switch and not the cable? I had the switch go bad on my camera body once, but I've gone through a number of the handgrip cables as the leads are small & fragile and there's little to no strain relief in the Lemo-2 connector.

Mitch Gross

By the way, the Aaton handgrip/lightweight rods seems to be a good and popular choice for the Varicam.

Agreed with Mitch, look at the cable as well for continuity, or send it to Abel or the call the number I forwarded you. Good luck.

John Babl

Mitch Gross wrote :

>By the way, are you sure it's the switch and not the cable?

Yep it's the switch. I did check the cable but the switch stopped clicking so I figure an internal component in the switch gave out. Thanks for all the help and advice.

Tom McDonnell
New Orleans, La

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