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Shooting with Borescopes


I just used the new Innovision lenses and found them to be the sharpest of the lot (in terms of borescope lenses) but the flare problem must be carefully addressed usually with tape on the lens.

James Sofranko

Black wrap taped to the lens is the solution.

Did someone compare the Innovision probe II with OpTex or Frazier.

Mali Benny

I've never had the chance to compare the Optex & the Innovision side by side but I've used both quite a lot and I'm fairly sure that the Innovision is sharper at all apertures.

Which is a pity as it's much easier for me to get the Optex :-(


I've worked with Innovision lenses as well...they are great....keep in mind about your lighting scheme though...once you get that lens right up to the subject you will find some fun challenges as to where to put your light source as to a) not flare the lens and b) not cause shadows from the lens since it will be so damn close to the subject!!

Good luck and have fun!

Luc G. Nicknair

I've used the original Frazier before Panaflex got it and found that it performs a much different function than the Innovision-type lenses. The Frazier is great for depth perception and scale realization in special shots of that type. But it must be lit to an f16 for this to be accomplished. But as I recall it didn't have any more depth in macro land.

The Innovision 2 is a f5.6 and seems to work much better for getting close to objects without the obtrusion of the camera. I believe that the tube is narrower. It has a great depth of field and seems to work as well or better in macro than the Frazier.

It would be helpful if the people making these lenses could produce a depth of field chart for their products.

James Sofranko

About 2 months ago I used the Probe II with an SR III to simulate a POV shot through a keyhole. (Prop dept. built an oversized lock cylinder.) The Probe II worked GREAT. Interchangeable lenses gave us maximum flexibility. We dollied into the key cylinder and saw the actor on the other side. Very nice shot.

Chris Taylor


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