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Dior Nets

I understood that the Dior number 10 is unavailable now and there used to be two weaves, a Paris weave and a London Weave - London weave being better. Anyone got a clue to what I'm talking about?

Adnan Hemani London, England

I used used diro 10 paris weave on Snow White, a tale of terror, (asc nominated) on the front of the lenses. I had used it on a number of music videos including George Michael's Freedom to good effect (i.e. an mvpa award).

As much as i love both Roger pratt and janus's work i prefer them up front. Wonderful softenning effect and soft blurry halations around sources but none of that structure showing up in defocussed highlights that is the result of back mounting.

Of course the downside is flare 1st ad's have to be slavish about keeping ambient out of the lens.

We did lose them for certain cgi work and Ernie Farino our fx guru did manage to match the look in post (very clever man btw) don't know if he is on the list if he is- "Hi Ernie" .

Steve Parker originally mounted the nets on frames for me and many careful and wonderful assistants over the years have treated them with such respect that they are still in my gear cupboard in perfect condition, they are also very vunerable to dust and laddering up front btw.

As far as i know Dior suspended production many years ago and London filter company bought the last sixty pairs but i bet there are still packs of them hidden away in some dusty draper in an out of the way place, like that hidden rembrandt drawing it pays to root around wherever you are in the world as long as you can take the looks of the assistants as you ask for silk stockings.

i used fogals in the same manner on a little picture on vancouver island called "The duke" they were excellent and of course cheaper and avaiable. the picture goes out on sky from time to time so it is possdible to see the look there.

i think the silk thing is the answer more than the weave certainly when they are up front. the weave seems more irregular than with man made fibres.

all the nets i have been talking about were black. bet other colours are around from fogal worth checking them out.

Mike Southon bsc

Oh yes, you forgot to mention the fire retardant that is a legal requirement in Silk Stockings sold in the US.

This retardant is not needed in EU sold silk Stockings,

Of course we do have a terrible record of spontaneous combustion of womens' legs in the EU.......

I have a huge stock of REAL CD 10 denier black silk stockings and I'll fight to defend them

-- Cheers Geoff Boyle FBKS

Director of Photography EU based

Yes, but are they more comfortable than other brands? And do you have trouble with stubble making them run?

I must admit that using o-rings and rubber cement to get them to adhere sounds pretty uncomfortable.

Oh, I see, you were talking about putting them on your LENS not your legs!!

I've got to take a better speed reading course...

-Rachel Dunn DoP/VFX Los Angeles

You were right first time Rachel, geoff is such a fashion victim !

Mike Southon bsc

If anyone is interested! Peter James (Director of Photography) carries around more womens stockings than anyone I have ever known. His stockings are pink, black, white, brown, etc....enough to complete all the colors of the rainbow...

Just thought I would finally add something....

Gregory White


O.k., so where do I buy find Dior nets? Or Fogals?

I never realized that there is a ring threaded onto the back of my Canon/Zeiss Ultranon lenses specifically for holding nets in place. I wanna PLAY! Ya' learn somethin' new every . . . once in a while :-)

Roderick Az. D.P.



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