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Would the F900 normally take a "Large Round" eye chamois?

Roderick Stevens
Az. D.P. - I ain't no 1st A.C.


There is a special non-round chamois especially for the rubber eyecup on a Sony 900 (any Sony pro camera). But I usually use a modified large round chamois. You split the seam on one side about 30-40% of the chamois' diameter and then feed the eyecup tag through that slot and fit normally. Just as good as the special one.

Another alternative if you don't care how many sweaty faces have been pressed against it is to use the custom glove leather, squishy rubber eyecup that is available for the Sony video cameras. Can't remember who makes it. Some rental houses have them and you only need ask for it to find out they have it and will make a point to see that you get it on your VF.


Randy "was that more info than you wanted" Miller

DP in LA

For video cameras I still prefer to use the old tennis wrist band trick. A wrist sweat band can be purchased in most sporting goods stores for maybe $1 and are available in black. Simply slip it over the viewfinder, bending back the rubber eyecup to keep it out of the way. Very comfortable, washable and cheap.

Mitch Gross

Greetings all -

I'm looking for a unique type of eyepiece chamois I bought at the Transvideo booth at NAB several years back.

The chamois in question is round (not oval) and made of soft yellow fabric which appears to be microfiber. The great thing about it is that it can be washed over and over with great results.

Anybody seen these and know a source? No one at Transvideo seemed to know anything about this when I called. I've called several other places and no one knows what the heck I'm talking about.

Thanks -

Guy Galloway
Little Rock, AR

These are Panavision chamois eyepieces as opposed to the oval Arri variety.


Marc Ehrenbold GBCT
London based 1st. AC
Green Card Holder
Steadicam Master & Preston FIZ owner

>These are Panavision chamois eyepieces as opposed to the oval Arri >variety

Thanks Marc -

Just to double check, the ones I'm talking about are *not* made of chamois leather, but of a thin yellow fabric.

Thanks for you help-

Arkansas USA

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