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Fluid Head Choice


Wondering what list members experience and preferences in a lightweight ENG 100mm fluid head to really beat around. Have not used the Libec or Miller, dislike the Vinten's and think the Sachtler is a bit heavy.

Comments appreciated.

Andrew Dunn

>Wondering what list members experience and preferences in a >lightweight ENG 100mm fluid head to really beat around.

O'Connor has an ENG version of their 2575/Ultimate head that's pretty sweet. But 97% of the time I use Sachtler 18's or 20's. Sachtler and O'Connor are the only fluid heads that feel "right" to me. Vinton's got a small one, I think it's the 18, that's got a feel very similar to the Sachtler but in a smaller package.

I hate Vinton's tension controls, though. They move way too easily.

Art Adams, DP
Mountain View, California - "Silicon Valley"

Gotta love the O'Connor heads.

Mitch Gross

Art writes :

>"O'Connor has an ENG version of their 2575/Ultimate head that's pretty >sweet....."

I think he's referring to the 2060. And yes it is a nice head. Available I think with 100mm, 150mm and Mitchell bases.
(Choose one)

When I don't need the size or want weight of the 2575, the 2060 is prefect. Depending on the camera you're mounting though even the 2060 might be little big. It's just right for Digibeta, XTR's or F900's, etc.

Randy Miller, DP in LA

The O'Connor 2060 isn't available in a 100mm, only 150mm or Mitchell base. The ENG version of 2575 is the 1030B, 10 - 30lbs rated. It's a good solid head. However, at Moviola the 25L & 55L mid-level spreader has had some quality problems.

That being said, everyone at O'Connor has been great and completely stood behind their product and repaired and replaced every problem item. There was a re-design with product and supposedly now is more durable. The fact that they are local is another plus.

I also wouldn't rule out Cartoni. I think that they make a great product and that the Gamma and Laser ENG heads and 2-stage tripods are terrific. I've received outstanding service and support from Ste-Man, Inc. (Local Cartoni dealer) in Burbank and they too have stood behind their products 100%.

Have fun with your new toy!

Illya Friedman
Senior Camera Rental Agent
Moviola Camera
Hollywood, CA

I'm a big fan of the Sachtler 18+ and 20+ - but only the "plus" versions of those heads - they're a major improvement over the older heads, but there are so many of the older heads around that that's what most people think of when they think Sachtler.

There are certainly lighter weight heads around, but I prefer a heavier head for most applications anyway.

George Hupka
Downstream Pictures
Saskatoon, Canada

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