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This test shows the comparative degradation between a Sony HDW500F and a Thomson D6 Voodoo using a Discreet Inferno On an Onyx 2 with XTHD board.

The partition used was 1920 * 1080 at 50i

Miranda SER-800 serialiser and de-serialisers were used.

The test image originated as 8bit RGB within Inferno. The image was output and recorded back to Inferno 15 times for each VTR.

The HDW was set to 8 bit precision with rounding set to simple to maximise generation potential.

The Voodoo was set at 10 bit precision. Inferno was set at 8 or 10 bits accordingly.

HDW500F 1st Generation

HDW500F 5th Generation

HDW500F 10th Generation

HDW500F 15th Generation

difference between 1st & 15th

D6-Voodoo 1st Generation

D6-Voodoo 5th Generation

D6-Voodoo 10th Generation

D6-Voodoo 15th Generation

difference between 1st & 15th

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