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Haze In Spray Can

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>Anyone familiar with haze in a spray can? What is your opinion?

>Not considering it for filling up a ballroom or anything of that sort. Looking for a name or a supplier. If anyone knows where to find in Germany even better.


>Emmanuel, Munich

>Assistant Caméra - Camera Assistant - Kamera Assistent
BVK- European based
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>Don't know about Germany but I use it for various small effect on table tops and sometimes with people. Works great!

>Walter Graff
BlueSky Media, Inc.
888.435.5428 ext 31
Cell 917.217.9766
Offices in NYC and Amherst Mass.

>I recall the product is called 'Magican'. Not that impressive if you want any really dense haze, but okay for light diffusion.

>Chay Donohoe
Aspiring DP

>Hi Walter,

>Any chance on a name? I need a lead so I can do some research. Made some local calls but no success so far.



>Emmanuel, Munich

>The stuff is called "Diffusion in a Can" (or the brand name of what I used was called that.

>It has pretty good hang time - can't do a big room - it is NOT fog, more like light smoke.

>Fairly colour neutral.

>I vaguely remember that it uses a flammable propellant, so I think you do NOT want to use it in a campfire scene.

>Mark Weingartner
LA based


>Mark Weingartner
LA based

class="style11">> Diffusion in a Can

>That's what I use. It has amazing hang time. As long as the air is still it stays there a long time. I'd use the word "haze" over "smoke". And a 20 ounce can will do a large area if need be, but it's best for small area effects. More like what an atomizer does in the end result.

>Walter Graff
BlueSky Media, Inc.

>Great. Appreciate the help. Thanks very much.


>Emmanuel, Munich











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