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High Speed 3d


Anyone have war stories or examples of using +500fps digital cameras in 3d ?

Mike Brennan

I know Sean Cole of Abel Cine LA has done a few 3D Phantom shoots.

I'm hoping to do a Dual-Phantom on the Element Technica Rig or Kerner Opticals.

Dane Brehm
Phantom Tech

Hi Michael,

The German company who shot the 24h of Nurburgring in stereo (I saw the amazing footage during Dimension 3 Expo in Paris in May), used even faster frame rates.

Jordi Alonso
Mediapro Research

Michael Brennan wrote:

> Anyone have war stories or examples of using +500fps digital cameras in 3d ?

We used Phantom HD Golds on "Step Up 3D" using rigs from Pace. Here's a story about it (with pictures!) from our blog, Cine Technica:’s-first-phantom-3d-rig-used-on-dance-film/

We have also successfully tested on several other rigs, including ones from Paradise FX and Element Technica. ET has a music video on their 3D reel featuring Phantom material that I think looks pretty sweet.

Phantoms are uniquely suited for 3D because of their ultra-slim profile, absolute frame syncing ability, and CineMag functionality.

Mitch Gross
Applications Specialist
Abel Cine Tech

> Anyone have war stories or examples of using +500fps digital cameras in 3d ?


We've done it with the Phantom V12.1 product from Vision Research.

Slow motion stereoscopic looks REALLY nice, mostly, if not entirely because the nature of a slow motion shot is a long cut, smooth motion, and your eyes have time to "explore" the shot.

Eric Deren
Dzignlight Studios
VFX & Animation Design

For the "BOSCH-3D" image film (2005), the German KUK-Film from Munich used Weinberger HS-cameras (up to 4000 fps in 720p), also for a macro-shot (splash-water on a wind-shield) with a special side-by-side beamsplitter-rig designed by Günther Peschke.

Some pictures and details at

Kind regards


Disclaimer : I was 1st assistant camera/stéréographer on this job.

Tim Mendler
set- / post-supervisor (vfx)
movematcher / stereographer
mobile: +33-6-09032472
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Thanks for the input one and all

Michael Brennan

We have successfully completed a shoot with the two Phantom HDs on Element Technica's Quasar rig (the shoot was done several months ago when the rig was still in a prototype stage - it is now a full production model). We did both high-speed and 24fps shots. Please contact me offline at Abel Burbank to get a technical run-down of the process (frame syncing, IRIG genlock, stereo monitoring, camera alignment etc.)

You may also contact Jamie Alac in the NY office regarding the details. Also, the camera alignment process on the new Quasar rig is amazingly fast now with the production model.

Sean Coles

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