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KineMax 6K 3 workflows - cDNG links

These three tests are all from the same original KineMax 6K files, they were then converted to either cDNG or QT ProRes4444 using KineStation.

I then assembled the CDNG files using Resolve and the RAW facilities there, trying to match as closely as possible without spending a lifetime doing it!

Then I used LightRoom to develop the cDNG images, this allowed me to use the full Adobe RAW DNG facilities that are not available in any movie grading software that I am aware of. After matching I output in TIFF sRGB format and assembled in Resolve.

Finally I took the QT versions into Resolve and matched exposure without touching colour, looking at a luminance only waveform.

I applied a LUT to the QT project that I had created in LutCalc from one of the zero exposure frames.

This is potentially a good camera but the workflow needs a lot of work...






Frames processed in LightRoom with the original cDNG available by right clicking...there is a TIFF version here


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