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Mattebox For Wide Angels

The Chrosziel 805 system is a 4 X 5.65 swing away mattebox "system" that accepts 5X5 filters. With 2 stages you could use 2 5X5 filter trays and 5X5 filters when you need to rotate 2 stages with a lens wider than 4.9mm to avoid vignetting. Or use 4 X 5.65 trays and up to 4 stages with less wide lenses.

You can easily mix and match filters and trays. It is modular so you can add and subtract stages. There is also a clamp on version.

This has been available since NAB 2002 and is the most popular mattebox system for the F900/27F/Viper.

Hope this helps

Michael Bravin
Chief Technology Officer
Band Pro Film/Video, Inc

Hi all,

While we're on the subject, just two comments :

1/. For wide angle use, aren't the Chrosziel 412 (sunshade) and 415 (mattebox) specifically designed for 4.5mm lenses with 1 fixed (PV) and 1rotating (5x5)? This is the setup we'd originally spec'd for our Varicam but have put on hold pending point number 2...

2/. We're in Barbados which puts us neither in the US market or the European market - we're an ex-British colony, but we're much closer to the US. We have noticed a significant variance in the pricing of Chrosziel items between the US and Europe. On average, the European price, and I'm talking LIST prices out of Chrosziel’ s own online catalogue, when converted and compared to US RETAIL prices, are substantially lower. I'm talking between 30 and 40% in some cases. Is there any justifiable reason for this? I have spoken to our US supplier and they have said that there's not much they can do - there seems to be two totally difference pricing schemes.

Traditionally, items are usually cheaper in the US, but this does not seem to be the case here, and the differences are dramatic. Is there any reason for this? Is the price list on Chrosziel site out-dated or wrong? Are there import duties on these items?

I'm not meaning to upset anyone here, just trying to see if this is indeed the case, and also, as in point number 1, to confirm that we're correct on our assumptions on those Chrosziel items.

Take care,

Chris Cooke-Johnson
Creative Junction

At South London Filter Ltd we have introduced the NEW BWM5.65 (Broadcast Wide Mattebox 5.65") .

The New BWM 5.65 has been developed to overcome a common problem encountered by videographers wishing to use creative location camera filters to their full potential without compromising the wide focal length capability’s of current broadcast lenses of 5.2mm and under. Designed with the owner user or rental facility in mind the BWM 5.65 can be mounted in two standard ways.

A) Wider 15 or 19mm base plate support bars.

B) Clip –On clamp ring to the front of the lens.

The problem of using creative adjustable filters has been overcome as a result of South London Filter’s position in this product market place. By closely observing the production problems outlined by camera technicians, South London Filter has in co-operation with Van Diemen Ltd, developed an affordable solution to the problem." No currently manufactured matte box for use with creative grads and polarisers is able to offer full coverage on 5.2mm & lower broadcast lenses holding non fixed, independently rotating filters, unless 6.6” filters and matte box are used”

The BWM 5.65 currently has the ability to hold two independent rotating sections when directly attached to the lens, additionally when used on bars a third 4.5” round rotating filter holder can be used (this would usually be a polariser). Full coverage is achieved as a result of the New 5.65” Square grads and polarisers, these have been manufactured by leading filters manufactures including; Harrison & Harrison, Formatt, Pancro Mirrors Inc & Schneider Optics, Ira Tiffen has also indicated to me that Tiffen will manufacture theses filters as "special order". All of the current filter trays have been manufactured as combination trays, thus having the ability to hold two different filter sizes. If you use (PV) 4"X 5.65" as your solid size all you have left to consider is the Grad Size.....

4" x 4" / 4" X 5.65"
5.65" X 5.65" / 4" X 5.65"
4" X 5.65" / 5" X 5"

Arii GB I know have also produced 5.65" Sq Trays for some clients, as this Grad size greatly increases the use of theses filters, on wider lenses.

In the US try Stan Wallace at the Filter Gallery. NY

Carey Duffy
South London Filter Ltd

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