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One Stop Pola

I know Schneider sells a "one stop" circular pola, but are there any other "one stop" polarizing filters out there that work well? Anyone with experience with any of them or with the Schneider? I'm looking for a pola filter that is effective but doesn't eat up two stops.


Rod Williams
Motion Picture and HD First Camera Assistant
Petaluma, California

I always try to use the One Stop Pola when I'm shooting green/blue screen, it helps saturate the colour and remove some sheen/highlights from the floor.

They work fine...


Geoff Boyle FBKS
Director of Photography
EU Based

Rod Williams wrote :

>"I know Schneider sells a "one stop" circular pola, but are there any >other "one stop" polarizing filters out there that work well?

While Schneider and others can add more about their products, typically the polarisers available in both circular and linear form from most sources require about 1-2/3 stop compensation. When you create a polarizer that absorbs less, it is usually at the expense of polarization efficiency. It is possible to make a reasonably efficient 1-stop pola, but it won't be as efficient as one that absorbs more. You really can't get suitable polarization efficiency from a polarizer that absorbs less than 50% (1-stop).

Making a 1-1/3 stop pola would allow for even greater efficiency (than the 1-stop version), at a mid-level compensation value, and may be a good alternative- efficiency approaching that of a denser pola and transmission approaching that of a lighter one...I don't know that anyone currently offers one, though.

Perhaps if I were still making filters...

Ira Tiffen
Port Washington, NY

FYI; Schneider's One-stop polarizer is a linear polarizer.

The product descriptions go like this;

True-Pol (Linear 1 2/3 stops))
Circular True-Pol (Circular 1 2/3 stops)
One-stop Pol (Linear 1 stop)

Cheers, Ken Robings
Schneider Optics, Van Nuys CA

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