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>Comparison Compressed V RAW

By Geoff Boyle these tests come from sessions in Amsterdam with the help of the NSC and Sydney with the help of the ACS and are about 4 months apart.

Although all the signs sat RAW we also shot with the cameras compressed facilities where possible.

With the F55 this was XAVC but for some reason we couldn't, at either session, manage to record log at the same time as we were shooting RAW.

All files were graded in Resolve 10 using the standard 709 LUT's and then graded so that the grey scale on the MacBeth chart matched, well as closely as a DP who isn't a colorist can match them!

With the Amsterdam F55 RAW material I also added a window around the bright tubes in the upper left and graded them to get the best result in that area, it was just a game to see what I could pull out.

I have a folder on my drive for Alexa in Amsterdam and it should have both ProRes and RAW but unfortunately there's only RAW so I didn't include the Amsterdam Alexa.

I found the change in colour between the F55 RAW and XAVC interesting...

DPX files available right click on the images


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