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Super 35 vs Standard 35

I'm a lurker on this list- sorry, I like to watch.

Shooting a piece that'll live on tape.

How much more negative will I gain if I go with Super 35 over Standard?

I'll be using sperical lenses since some of the 35 will intercut with some Super 16. I'll probably use a 1.77 ground glass.

My apologies if this is a redundant thread. I'm sure this has been discussed in the past but I couldn't find a specific answer in the archives.


Lou Weinert

1.78 (HDTV) on normal 35 will give you an effective negative area of 21 mm x 11,8 mm = 247,8 mm2

1.78 on super 35 will give you 24 mm x 13.5 mm = 324 mm2. A 30% gain.

These numbers are based on Arri ground glass specifications for "1.78 TV transmitted".

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>How much more negative will I gain if I go with Super 35 over >Standard?

The number I remember from years ago, comparing 4:3 Academy aperture with 4:3 full aperture, was an increase of 40%.

Can anyone confirm or deny?

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It is a non-standard format so I will do the best I can. I recently got this from a friend. hold on it gonna be a rough ride.

Panavision conservative .823 x .624 .519 sq in. 10.4% larger than tv trans

Panavision large .900 x .676 .608 sq in. 29.4% larger than tv trans.

Arriflex, silent gate .925 x .689 .637 sq in. 35.5% larger than tv trans.

Clairmont camera, super tv, 5 different formats to choose from.

Otto Nemitz int., super tv .894 x .670 .599 sq in. 27.4 larger than tv trans.

Ebu r.86 standard, super tv .945 x .709 .670 sq in 42.6% larger than tv trans

SMPTE full aperture, 1.33:1 .981 x .735 .721 sq in. 53.4% larger than tv trans

SMPTE tv transmission .729 x .594 .470 sq in. 23.4% larger than tv safe action

Gerard Brigante

I forgot 1 thing no matter what do a very good framing leader and with each lens if you can. Also, Arri and Pana seem to me to be the ones most places can deal with the easiest.

Gerard Brigante

If all other things are the same, then all you need to consider is the relative widths of the two frames.

Academy (standard) gate is 0.868" wide
Open gate (super) is 0.981" wide

That's an increase in width of 13%. That's the only number that matters.

Keeping the same aspect ratio, (doesn't matter what it is) you will get 13% more height as well :
total gain in area (13% on 13%) = 28%

If you are concerned about TV safe, then that's typically a fixed percentage of the exposed area, so it will still be 28% increase.

If you go by finder markings, (though they relate to final projector gate so aren't strictly relevant to a tape finish) the widths are 0.825" and 0.945" - an increase of 14.5%. Area increase is 31%.

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

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