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Unit Box

We have had a request from a British crew for a "Unit Box" and we didn't wish to appear like colonial bumpkins, so we said no problem.


So, just what is a Unit Box? And what does it usually contain? I assume it contains expendables of some sort.

Thanks very much in advance. Hands across the sea and all that.

Brian Heller
IA 600 DP

In the UK a Unit box contains expendables on a "sale-or return" basis for use by the 1st and 2nd AC's, and often a clapper board. The most important items being: 10 Film Cans & Black Bags, Neg report pads, Dry wipe black pens, permanent black markers, Lens cloths & fluid, Gaffer tape, 4' x 4' clear "Poly Bags" for covering the camera and head, Canned Air, AA batteries, Anti Flare (and so on).

I am sure the list could be tailored to meet the needs of US labs, rental houses and climate, but those are the basics a crew will expect.

Rory Moles
1st AC London

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