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Wide Angle Eyepiece For Aaton

Is there a WA eyepiece for Aatons? Specifically a LTR-54. I'm shooting a doc in S-16 and the standard eyepiece is killing me. Not enough eye relief for me.

Is there something available similar to the WA eyepiece available for SR's?

Tom McDonnell
New Orleans, La

I have the wide-angle eyepiece on mine- it was redesigned to cover S16. It's MUCH better...and of course more $$

Al Satterwhite

Is there a WA eyepiece for Aatons? Specifically a LTR-54.

The eyepiece mount for all LTR & XTR Aatons is the same. Sometime during the late XTR-Plus / early XTR-Prod era they introduced a new eyepiece design which is wide angle and offers a bellow-style strain relief for the eyecup. It offers a different magnification than the older eyepiece and will fit on your LTR-54 no problem. I tried one on mine once at Abel but personally preferred my old one. Just used to it I guess.

Mitch Gross

If I am not mistaken the first XProds had an eyepiece that looked not much different than the earlier LTR and XTR camera versions. It did however have just a bit of a wider field of view and allowed you to see Super 16mm without having to shift your eye around the eyepiece.

The big change came with the OGT9 (?) eyepiece that was much bigger and brighter, and does indeed resemble the Arri W/A eyepiece in size. Unfortunately these are hard to find now and used can cost upwards of $2000.

The newest version, the OGT10, has the focus diopter built into the eyepiece instead of the viewing system. They can still be used with older cameras. If I remember you need to lock the viewing system diopter all the way to the right as you face the front of the camera. This then allows you to use the full range of the eyepiece diopter. Having two diopters to work with is really helpful for those who need big dioptric compensation!!

See if Abel Cine can rent you one. If not they will happily sell you one for around $3000.

John Chater
DP-San Francisco

I had a similar problem as I wear glasses. A good optician will ground you an optic that'll fit YOUR angle of view, glasses or no glasses. Cost me about $1200 though...

Robert Rouveroy
The Hague, Holland

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