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U.S. TV Production by Acquisition Format Report, Mar. ‘10

35mm Film:
“24” [FOX] - Kodak, Mike Most & Ingrid Goodyear
30 Rock [NBC] - Mike Most
Beastly [CBS] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear Canada
Big Bang Theory [CBS] - IMDb
Big Love [HBO] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
The Border [CBC] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear Canada
Boardwalk Empire [HBO] - Jendra Jarnagin
Breaking Bad [AMC] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear & Aaron Wise
Brothers & Sisters [ABC] - Kodak, Mike Most & Ingrid Goodyear
        (Started on Genesis, now 35mm Cynthia Pusheck)
Castle [ABC] - Kodak, Mike Carmine & Ingrid Goodyear
The Closer [TNT] - Mike Most
Copper [ABC] - Panaflexes, Fuji, David Perrault & Brian Heller
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation [CBS] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
Desperate Housewives [ABC] - Kodak, Mike Most & Ingrid Goodyear
Entourage [HBO] - Kodak, Mike Most & Ingrid Goodyear
Flashpoint [CBS] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear Canada
Fringe [FOX] - Kodak, Mike Most & Ingrid Goodyear
Ghost Whisperer [CBS] - Kodak, Argyris Theos 2 perf. 35mm
Glee  [FOX] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
Grey's Anatomy [ABC] - Arricam ST, Kodak, Mike Most
        & Ingrid Goodyear
        (Briefly tested a Sony F35 but still uses 35mm, Mako Koiwai)
Heroes [NBC] - Mike Most (Chuck replaces Heroes in the spring.)
House  [FOX] - Fuji, Mike Most & Eric Adkins
Hung [HBO] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
Kings [NBC] - Ingrid Goodyear
Lost [ABC] - Kodak, Mike Most & Ingrid Goodyear [LAST SEASON]
Mad Men  [AMC] - Kodak, Mike Most & Ingrid Goodyear
The Mentalist [CBS] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
Nip/Tuck  [FX] - Kodak, Mike Most & Ingrid Goodyear
        [LAST SEASON]
Private Practice [ABC] - Kodak, Mike Most & Ingrid Goodyear
Raising the Bar [TNT] -
True Blood [HBO] - Kodak, Mike Most & Ingrid Goodyear
Two and a Half Men  [CBS] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear

16mm Film:
Burn Notice  [USA] - Mike Most
Chuck [NBC] - Mike Most
Crash  [Starz] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear & Sean Green
Degrassi: The Next Generation [CW] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
Eastbound and Down  [HBO  - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
Friday Night Lights [NBC] - Ian Ellis
        (Friday Night Lights returns on April 30)
Greek [ABC] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
Heartland [CBC] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
Lincoln Heights [ABC] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
Men of a Certain Age  [TNT] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear
The Middle [ABC] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear, confirmed by Mike
One Tree Hill [CW] - S16mm, Arri 416, Kodak, Mike Most
         & Ingrid Goodyear
Psych [USA] - IMDb
Saving Grace [TNT] - S Peterson
Scrubs [ABC] - Kodak, Ingrid Goodyear

Digital Acquisition:
“90210” [CW] - Genesis, IMDb
Accidentally on Purpose [CBS] - Mike Most
Better off Ted [ABC] - Mike Most
Bones  [FOX] - Sony F35, Mike Most & Eric Messerschmidt
Brotherhood [SHOW] - Mike Most
Brothers [FOX] - Mike Most
Californication [SHOW] - Sony F35, Mike Most & Randy Wedick
Code 5 8 [FOX] - Sony F35 and F-800's, Ian Ellis
Cold Case [CBS] - Sony F35, Patrick Cady & Mike Most
        (doing a good amount of flashbacks in S16 with Arri 416s,
        Aaron Wise)
Community [NBC] - ARRI D-21, Mike Most & An Tran
Cougar Town [ABC] - Mike Most
Criminal Minds [CBS] - Sony F35, Mike Most,
        35 mm, Tom McDonnell
CSI: Miami [CBS] - Genesis, Mike Most
CSI: NY [CBS] - Sony F35, Mike Most & Mark H. Weingartner
Damages [FX] - Sony F900, Dave Satin
Dark Blue [TNT] - Genesis, IMDB
Day One [NBC] - Mike Most
The Deep End [ABC] - Genesis, IMDb
Defying Gravity [USTV] - Sony F35, Daniel Mulligan Canada
Dexter [SHOW] - Sony F23, Vincent De Paula & Daniel Mulligan
FlashForward  [ABC] - Mike Most
The Forgotten [ABC] - Mike Most
Gary Unmarried  [CBS] - Mike Most
The Good Wife [CBS] - Sony F35, David Mullen, ASC
Gossip Girl  [CW] - Sony F23 on the main unit and F900
          on the Tandem Unit, Dave Satin
HawthoRNe [TNT] - ARRI D-21, IMDB
How I Met Your Mother  [CBS] - Mike Most
Human Target [FOX] - Mike Most
In Plain Sight [USA] - Arri D-21s, Aaron Wise
In Treatment [HBO] - Sony 950s, Jendra Jarnagin
Law & Order [NBC] - Genesis, Mark H. Weingartner
           & Jendra Jarnagin
Law & Order: Criminal Intent [USA] - Panavised F35 and EX 3,
          Dave Satin
Law & Order: SVU  [NBC] - Genesis, Mike Most
Leverage [TNT] - Red One & Sony EX1, Randy Wedick,
        Confirmed by Steve Hullfish
Lie to Me  [FOX] - 4 x ARRI D-21  S.two OB-1s, Mike Most
        & Bill Lovell
Life Unexpected [CW] - Panavision Genesis, Source: CW Behind the
        Scenes video.
Medium  [CBS] - Genesis, Randy Wedick
Melrose Place [CW] - Sony F35, Mike Most
Mental [FOX] - Sony F23 and 900R, Graham Futerfas
Mercy [NBC] - Mike Most & Dave Satin
        (Parenthood replaces Mercy in spring.)
Miami Medical [CBS] - Sony F35, Source: CBS “Behind the Scenes”      
Modern Family [ABC] - Mike Most
NCIS [CBS] - Genesis, Mike Most
NCIS: Los Angeles [CBS] - Sony F35, Tom McDonnell, S.O.C.
New Adventures of Old Christine [CBS] - Mike Most
Numb3rs [CBS] - Genesis, Mike Most & Randy Wedick
Nurse Jackie [SHOW] - Sony F35, per Dave Satin
The Office [NBC] - Sony F900R, Michael Murray
Parenthood [NBC] - Genesis, Mike Most
Parks and Recreation [NBC] - Sony PDW-800, Mike Most & Michael
        Murray, (First season was on the F900R.)
Past Life [FOX] - Mike Most
Royal Pains [USA] - Sony F23, Jendra Jarnagin
Rules of Engagement [CBS] - Panavised Sony F900/3's, Bob Kertesz
        & Wayne Kennan, ASC
The Sarah Silverman Program [Comedy Central] - Red One,
         Rhet Bear, Canada
Sherri [Lifetime] - Dave Satin Canada
Smallville [CW] - Mike Most
Sons Of Anarchy [FX] - S Peterson
Southland [TNT] - Red 1, Iconix, Bruce Johnson
        (CANCELED by NBC, Picked up by TNT)
The Suite Life on Deck [Disney] - Sony HDC 1500, Post Mag.
Supernanny [ABC] - Mike Most
Supernatural [CW] - ARRI D-21, An Tran
Three Rivers [CBS] - Mike Most
'Til Death [FOX] - Mike Most
Trauma [NBC] - Sony F35, Mike Most, Rod Williams,
        & Tom McDonnell, S.O.C.
        (Day One replaces Trauma in the spring.)
The Tudors [SHOW] - Genesis, Mike Most
Ugly Betty [ABC] - Jendra Jarnagin & Mike Most
United States of Tara [SHOW] - Genesis, Videography Mag.
“V” [ABC] - ARRI D-21, An Tran & Stephen Hullfish
The Vampire Diaries [CW] - Mike Most
Warehouse 13 [SYFY] - Genesis, Millimeter Magazine
Weeds [SHOW] - Mike Most
White Collar [USA] - Dave Satin

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